Kicking it with Dj The Terran Bland

What's good everybody, it's IL Boi. I wanted to drop in with my latest blog. I got a chance to catch up with the man behind the ones and twos-I'm talking about Dj The Terran Bland.

Dj The Terran Bland is a hot DJ out of Cincinnati spinning tunes for 102.3 The Beat. I've been fortunate enough to have 1$t One Million Remix playing for the past 2 months on The Mixtape which airs every Friday and Saturday on 102.3 The Beat.

Check out the interview below to find out more.

  1. How did the journey with music start?

It started in college. Some nights instead of going out to party, I'd stay in and vibe by myself and listen to music and watch the Lakers if they were playing. I downloaded the Virtual DJ and began messing around pretending I was mixing when I was just playing songs. Didn't matter the genre I'd play songs I remember family members would play growing up, songs heard on the radio growing up, and then songs that just gave me that nostalgic feeling. That's When I learned to love and appreciate much more.

2.If you were not a DJ what would you have been?

I Don't Consider myself a real DJ. Never Even Wanted to do this or had an interest in really. I'd Dabble at home with my mixer and mix music because I love music. But never even visioned myself being on the radio doing this. But in Late 2018 the radio station I work at, I saw an opportunity to do something with our hip hop station 102.3 the beat. And against the program director's permission, I just started going on air and DJING without his permission risking everything. But if I didn't make that move I wouldn't be where I'm at today. But to answer your original question I'd be pursuing my dream of becoming a sports radio personality. That's what I went to school for and I still have dreams of becoming that. And once that opportunity becomes available, I could be done DJING.

3.How did 1$t One Million remix catch your ear?

S/O to Aaron Staccato. He Sent that record to me back in August. And When I First heard the record, I listened to it on my phone and was like "ok, it's cool." And I didn't play it to listen to it again until October when I was trying to introduce some new music to Cincinnati. Then I remembered I had that record and played in the studio and the vibe was just different from the way beat hit then Aaron came on snapping. I was like WHOA! Why haven't I Been Playing This!? But things happen for a reason because about a month later il boi Hmu thanked me for spinning the record and we have been in contact since then about making the record takeoff worldwide. So yeah S/O to Aaron Staccato and il boi!

I want to thank Dj The Terran Bland for the opportunity to get my music out to the fans in Cincinnati, Ohio. Interested in his info? Tap below. Until next week, peace.


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