Who is IL Boi? IL Boi is an artist out of the midwest whose journey began as a young boy rapping on the playgrounds of Freeport, IL. In 2003, he released his first track called “Retaliation.” After that IL Boi was on a roll until 2012, he suddenly had to take a break due to personal issues. 

However, after being out of music for 6 years, IL Boi released a “No Fly Zone Mixtape” in March of 2017.  As he was gaining attention by local friends and family, he began to start working on the new album “519.”

IL Boi is an artist who speaks on personal experiences and things that he has been exposed to during his lifetime with a southern slang. He was inspired by Mac, Soulja Slim, Boosie, and many more. IL Boi’s goal for the future is to continue giving out good music to those that can relate to his music.



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