It all started with one song… Until “ 1st One Million” was released, hip hop music was just a hobby for IL Boi. But now, it means much more than that; Born Justin “IL Boi” Cole out of Freeport, IL has taken this anthem that he has amplified to his previous life experiences and used it as a template to keep on rising above any obstacle that crosses his path. His life in Freeport, IL was riddled with a lot of negativity and had IL Boi facing a day to day struggle, everyday.

Violence, poverty, and a dismal sense of hope had IL Boi wondering what was in store for his future, if anything at all. Then, after long years spent on his own as a kid, he took some positive turns in his life and he hasn’t looked back ever since. Since “1st One Million” he has put out a handful of singles, remixes, and videos that have all lived up to the track that started it all. IL Boi portrays real life and all it has to offer. Ups, downs and everything in between. This in no longer a thoughtful life, IL Boi is on top and on the way to reaching his “1st One Million.”